Why Us?

We guarantee the high-end design for high street prices. We create pieces you'll love, that are of Bond Street quality and they are to last, but the price we charge is sensible. Our pieces of art are created in the same work shops as for Bond Street boutiques.
Our designs are handcrafted by our artisans with a lot of care, love and attention to detail.

We provide gorgeous diamonds without the large price tag and fine jewellery for affordable prices.


ECN Investments have been trading for over a decade, as a diamond dealer. We sell diamonds directly from the manufacturers and we never deal with paper investments, nor do we cold call.

We supply diamonds in strict compliance with the Kimberley Process. We have a range of diamonds for any budget, including investment grade diamonds. Not all of our diamonds are investment grade as for the majority of our clients, they are not looking for such criteria.


We use only British gold to create our wedding bands and engagement rings, and our workshop delivers Bond Street quality for high street prices. Only ethical materials are used.


We also focus on sustainability, by dealing with second-hand goods. We recycle various materials like gold and stones to create new items, to give them that new lease of life.


And finally, we do special orders.

Low prices often compromise on quality. Not with us. We provide quality diamonds with GIA certificates at unbeatable prices and full support in reselling in a couple of years. Alternatively, we provide affordable specifications, depending on the client's budget and vision. And you will always get the physical diamond.

We are a part of the diamond trade and we do not offer financial advice. Please speak to an FCA regulated advisor when and if you are looking to invest into this asset.


Our main point is that diamonds can serve as an excellent asset retention.

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ECN Jewels, trading name of ECN Investments Ltd. Company number: 10122513.