About Investment-grade Diamonds

When we talk about investment-grade diamonds, our first and outmost aim is to educate our clients in order for them to make unbiased decisions, should they choose to invest into such an asset. We are giving information about investment-grade diamonds only from the point of view of a diamond dealer and not a FCA-regulated financial adviser. Also, we strongly believe that diamonds can serve very well as an asset retention.

Diamonds have been considered for many centuries to be a rare commodity for investment and we have seen their value rise through the world's most turbulent economic times. Due to its status as a precious commodity, diamonds are exclusive to the world's wealthiest investors and are a symbol of status, success, beauty and perfection.


The unique advantage of a diamond is that it is not only a wise investment which can only increase in value over time, due to strong demands from newly emerging markets, but it can also be enjoyed in the form of jewellery which can be offered by ECN Investments Ltd reputable design team.

The timescale of the sale of the diamond and its profitability depends on its size and characteristics. For example, the sale of a diamond as large as 60 cts might take anywhere from 1 to 3 years.


Type of investment – Moderate

Risk – Minimum

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