Investment-grade Diamonds Pricing

Below is an indication of the price growth of a 10 cts D color Internally Flawless round white diamond based on the industry's Rapaport List:


January 2008 - $106,500 per carat

January 2009 - $190,800 per carat

January 2010 - $194,400 per carat

January 2011 - $220,000 per carat

January 2012 - $250,000 per carat


Prices for coloured diamonds have been increasing even faster. For example, an 11.84cts natural fancy vivid purplish pink was sold for $1,400,000 per carat in January 2010 to a private client. A similar diamond of 10.31cts vivid pink was sold at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2005 for $378,157 per carat.


Natural fancy blue diamonds are even rarer then pink diamonds. Natural fancy blue diamonds with sizes up to 8cts are only few in the world. The auction price for a blue diamond has reached $1,300,000 per carat in 2010.


Rocketing demand from China and India pushed up the value of large three carat diamonds 144.9% between 1999 and 2011, while five-carat gems soared by 171.1%.


One-carat diamonds have produced an expected annual return of 11.6% in the past five years.


In the depth of the credit crunch, when shares and property values crashed by up to 40%, diamonds of 1-5 carats dropped a humble 2.8% in value.


Pink, blue or red diamonds typically show a 100% increase in value over five years.


Note: These are just examples for their exact specifications. Diamond prices do fluctuate, depending on many factors like the time of the year. We will calculate for our buyer the potential return, taking into consideration the exact specification and the budget and using only past data. We would like to stress that this type of purchase is more suitable for preserving wealth.

Growth of 1-2 carat fancy vivid blue diamond prices at auction. Source:
Growth of 1-2 carat fancy vivid blue diamond prices at auction. Source:

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